This Hijabi Muslim Girl is the Youngest Doctor in the World by Guinness World Record

Mostly students finish the Medical School when they are in their 30s or at least in their late 20s, but a Hijabi Muslim Girl named Iqbal Al – Assad is possibly the Youngest Arab Doctor ever.

She graduated from the Medical School at the age of only 20.

Iqbal graduated from high school at the age of 12. She even scored destination in all the subjects. She had mastered the Biochemistry and Mathematics she would need for medical school at a young age.

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At the age of 13, she learnt to drive. She also caught the attention of Lebanon’d Education Minister and he helped her to secure a Medical scholarship in Qatar.

She is a child prodigy with a dream. Her dream is to serve the Palestinian refugees in the Camps available in Lebanon. It was a lack of healthcare for Palestinians that touched her most deeply.  She once visited her Palestinian relatives living in the refugee Camps in Lebanon. After looking at the poor conditions of people living in these camps with no quality of life, she decided to become a doctor.

With a dream in the back of his mind, she dedicated herself to education, diving deep into mathematics and biology.

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She got her Bachelor degree in Medicine with Honors from Cornell University’s Qatar Branch and was set by the Guinness World Records as the youngest doctor in the world. She is also the Youngest Arab Doctor.

“The sky is the limit for Iqbal. Since day one, Iqbal stood out as a very mature and professional student despite her age and experience”, says one of her Professor at the Cornell University.

“My dream is to do something for the Palestinian refugees in the camp”, says Iqbal during an interview.

Iqbal is a source of motivation for all the Hijab wearing Woman. If Iqbal can do this, you can also achieve every goal in your life with Hijab. Hijab is not a restriction but an empowerment. For Hijab wearing Muslim Women, role models like Iqbal are the greatest motivation.

At the end, we wish her all the best and thank her for inspiring us and making a difference in the world.


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