Islam Is A Beautiful & Peaceful Religion, Says Manchester United’s Former Captain Patrice Evra

Former Captain of Manchester United and French national team, Patrice Evra has praised Islam recently by calling it a peaceful and beautiful religion.

The Star footballer was giving an interview on skysports where he said nice things about Islam. His video praising our religion went viral on the internet where people praised him for speaking the truth rather than being a part of propaganda against Islam.

Evra was born into a Senegalese family. He was raised as a Catholic, but when he saw people blaming Islam for terrorism and all other wrongs he bitterly criticized and spoke against it.

“Islam is a beautiful religion; but when my dad got to know, he was furious with me. My dad is Catholic but I still said it. For my convictions, I can go against my father, my mother and my friends,” he said.

“We need to educate people from the star. A child needs to know from right now that racism is bad. We need to educate,” he said. “If a child’s parents are racist, he will grow up to become a racist too,” he added.

Patrice made all these statement when he was asked about rise of racism in the world. He also spoke about how football could give a positive message to the world and help end racism.

This is not the first time that Patrice has good for Muslims and Islam. Back in 2017 after the Barcelona attacks, Evra had urged people not to speak out against Muslims and Islam.

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Evra had said back then that he was reading the Qur’an and learning about Islam.

“I say it again Islam is such a beautiful religion it’s about peace, it’s about helping each other. We need to stop reading the media. God didn’t create us to kill innocent people. Respect every religion and if you are scared of a certain religion… instead of being scared try to learn about it and listen before you make any judgment. I know this is just my opinion, and this world needs more act than wise words,” he had said.

May Allah give him Hidayah and give him in depth knowledge of Islam.

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