“I Was Recruited to Destroy Islam, I Ended Up Becoming Muslim” : Shariffa Carlo, An Ex-Christian Revert

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We are publishing revert stories for you from people after taking interviews from them and today we bring you the inspiring journey of an American sister named Shariffa Carlo to Islam. This is a story of plans and a story of sinister agenda against Islam. Born in a Catholic home, Shariffa Carlo made plans, her groups made plans and Allah made plans and Indeed Allah is the best planner.

She was in contact with a group having sinister agenda against Islam and the Muslims. This group is a loose association of people working in higher positions in the US Government . According to Shariffa, this is not a governmental group but use their position in the US Government to advance their cause. One member of the group approached her in her early 20s, because she was motivated, articulate and also very much interested in the Women’s right.

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He also asked her to study International Relations with an emphasis in the Middle East and also promised her to to help in getting a job in the American Embassy in Egypt. This man wanted her to go to and talk to Muslim women and encourage the fledging Women’s right movement.

As the Western Media always present the Muslim women as oppressed, She wanted to lead the women to the light of the 20th century freedom by preaching feminism, gender equality and inciting Muslim women to protest for equal rights.

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Shariffa studied Quran, Hadiths, Islamic history and also gathered a lot of informations about Islam. She also learned the ways to use these knowledge. Shariffa also learned to twist the words of Quran and Hadiths to use for the sake of manipulating the people.

But with the time, she was intrigued by the message of Islam and everything she was learning started making sense to her. Being a Christian, her experience while learning Islam was so scary that she began to take classes in Christianity to counteract the effects of Islam.

Her professor of Christianity was a Unitarian Christian. He was not believing in Trinity or the divinity of Jesus(Peace Be Upon Him). He believed that Jesus is a prophet and he also proved it by taking Bible from sources like Greek, Hebrew and Armaic.  The professor also show her where the Bible changed and also explained the historical events which shaped and followed these changes. After learning from this Unitarian Christian professor, her faith in modern day Christianity was completely destroyed .

But she was still not ready to accept Islam. Shariffa continued to study for herself and future career and this took around 3 years. She also started questioning the Muslims about their beliefs.  Fortunately, she met a Muslim brother and this man guides her to Islam. He answered all her questions in the light of Quran and the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He helped her through this journey to a new religion and did his best to give Dawah to Shariffa.

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One day a group of Muslims were about to visit the city for the Dawah (preaching the Islam) and the Muslim brother invited her to attend the session. He wanted Shariffa to meet her. She visited the mosque where the group was preaching the Islam and after the Ishaa prayer (the Night prayer), she went inside the big hall where the Dawah session was going on. It was a big hall with atleast 20 men in it. They all made space for her. There was an elderly Pakistani man  in the group.

He was having the enormous knowledge of Christianity and most probably he was the leader of the group. She argued and discussed the varying parts of the Quran and the Bible with the old man. This discussion session went for almost whole night from the Ishaa till Fajr (the Morning prayer). The man answered all her questions in the light of Quran and Bible . This in depth discussion gave her confidence and also enlightened her soul.  After a long debate and discussion,the man invited her to accept Islam and become a Muslim.

According to Shariffa Carlo, “Allah opened my heart and I became a Muslim. This man led me in Shahadah(the testimony of faith) in English and also in Arabic. Alhamdulillah, Allah has given me a new life, a life having no sins almost completely clean state, a chance of paradise and I pray that I live the rest of my life and die as a Muslim.”

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