The Indonesian Man Who Walked 9000 Km To Makkah For Hajj

Every year millions of Muslims all across the globe travelled to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj, which is one among the five pillars of Islam. The other four pillars being Shahadah (The Testimony Of Faith), Salah (Performing prayers five times everyday), Zakat (Giving alms to the poor and needy people) and the Sawm (Fasting During the month of Ramadan).

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Hajj is mandatory religious duty for adult Muslims who are physically and financially capable of undertaking the journey and can support their family during their absence that must be carried out at least once in the lifetime.

And In the year 2018 alone, more than 2 million Muslims from different countries performed this religious duty, out of which more than 250,000 people were from Indonesia.

But out of 250,000 Indonesian pilgrimages, One man named Mochammad Khamim Setiawan did something that most of us can never imagine to do in our whole life. He covered a distance of about 9,000 km on foot to reach to the city of Mecca. He traveled from the Province of Central Java to Mecca on foot.

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And it took him a long duration of around 1 year to reach the destination. His determination was strong enough to overcome every hurdles that came on his way.  And During his journey, he traveled through many countries and met strangers.

As he was travelling on foot, he carried only few things in the backpack such as the Qur’an, few shirts, two pairs of pants, shoes, socks, undergarments, GPS, portable torch, small Indonesian bag, tent and sleeping bag. He stayed at Mosques in different places, public places or sometimes slept in Mosques.

His journey took him through:Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), India, Pakistan, Oman, UAE and finally Saudi Arabia.

You may think that Khamim travelled on foot to perform Hajj because of financial barriers but believe me, you are wrong. He was running a good business in Indonesia and was capable of performing Hajj like others.

But Khamim considered Hajj as a spiritual journey and he wanted to complete it after fighting against his desires and sins. And for him, travelling on foot to perform Haj is a kind of Jihad.

“I am doing a greater form of jihad: Disciplining myself and winning spiritual fight against sins,” he said during an interview.

Indeed , fighting our sins is a great form of Jihad. He left Central Java wearing a shirt printed with following words, “I am on my way Makkah on foot and putting full trust in Allah.”

The journey was not very easy for him. He faced a lot of struggles and challenges as he was approaching towards Makkah.

Khamim said that during his journey, he encountered  three snakes in the Malaysian Forests but none of them caused any harm and died before coming closer to him.

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Khamim used to fast during day times and walk in at night. He fall sick twice during his journey. He even got a knee pain prior to which he used to travel 50 km a day but after pain he reduced it to 10 – 15 km a day. He also recorded the footage during his journey and uploaded them on social media to inform family and friends.

On May 19, 2017 he arrived in Abu Dhabi, the UAE. Actually he was scheduled to enter Makkah on Aug. 30, one day before or on the day of Arafat and performed Haj later in September.


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