Indonesian Old Man Invited By Saudi King Salman For Hajj

The month of Hajj is approaching soon, with millions of Muslims performing Hajj together in upcoming days. A huge number of pilgrims have arrived and others are on their way to reach Makkah. It is evident that those Muslims who are rich and well to do only visits the Holy Kaaba while Muslims with low money and income only dreams of Kaaba and Hajj.

Uhi with his family and Saudi Ambassador

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The poor can only desire and dream about it. Many of them give up this desire with time while some keeps it alive till their last breath. One such poor who kept his dream alive by patience and perseverance and after long period Allah granted his wish and called him to His house.

This is the story of an old Indonesian man who had only dreams but no money Nonagenarian Uhi. Uhi was not enough rich to afford the journey but he had a deep desire for Hajj which was finally granted by Allah this year.

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His family members were aware of his wish and their financial conditions. They planned to upload a video on internet featuring Uhi and themselves requesting King Salman and Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to help them by arranging Hajj tour for Uhi. They also mentioned his sheen desire and financial incapability.

In the beginning Uhi was not comfortable with the idea but upon their insist decided to give it a try. The video was uploaded on internet on 16 July and went viral over internet.

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Unaware of it Uhi was living his daily life. He didn’t know that his years old dream was going to be true. One day he was invited to the Saudi embassy in Indonesia by Essam Bin Abed Al Thaqafi, Saudi Ambassador who informed him that his video went viral in the entire Muslim world and has reached upto Muhammad Bin Salman who decided to invite you to Hajj this year on Saudi expenses.

Uhi expressed deep joy upon hearing it and thanked Allah for this approval. He was deeply happy on the fact that he will be going to see Kaaba and perform Hajj, his years old dream came true. Just because of his dreams, patience he was going to complete his awaited desire.

Uhi will reach Mecca in upcoming week where he will join millions of other Muslims in Hajj. Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world with around 227 million Muslims. It is quite tough to get the Hajj visa under Indonesian Hajj quota system under which a Muslim has to wait for next 15 years to get the visa for Hajj.

We pray Allah to grant him blessings and also to give all the poor a chance to do Hajj like Uhi. Aameen


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