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10-Year-Old Palestinian Boy Suffering from Autism Memorized Entire Qur’an

Qur’an- the divine book of Allah is the most important book of Muslims. Memorizing it entirely is considered a virtue and people have been learning it since early ages.

Qur’an is a book which contains around 6,666 verse and 114 chapters which makes it fairly difficult to memorize in the eyes of others. But it is not that difficult and even kids do remember it by heart.

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This is the story of one such kid who is just 10 years old and suffering from a mental issue known as autism. The young boy named Abu Musa memorized it in just one year despite the mental complications.

People suffering from autism experience difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors. It was very tough for Abu Musa but he did it.

He used to listen to the Quranic recitation read to him and then he would memorize the verses after listening. Abu Musa has also learned to communicate and play with other kids of the school.

The school is purely dedicated to autistic kids and works to enhance their abilities and helps them to improve. Abu Musa has also learned to read and write, despite these things being extremely difficult for children with autism.

Living with autism is hard in modern times but there is a fact that people suffering from autism develop extra-ordinary skills in one of the fields they come across.

Few of the extra-ordinary skill which they possess as they are directly gifted by Allah are as follows:

  • Strong long-term memory skills.
  • Direct communication.
  • Math, computer, musical, artistic skills.
  • Thinking visually.
  • Hyperlexia, which is decoding written language at an early age; some children with autism can decode written language before they can comprehend it.

Kids like Abu Musa are the true inspiration for those who work hard and don’t see into difficulties of the work they undertake. May Allah bless him and cure him.


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